Sheet Masks: Are they really worth the hype?

Korean beauty products are all the hype these days, including sheet masks. What is a sheet mask? Remember those Biore blackhead strips? Well think of a similar concept, but not just for your nose, but for your whole face with little gaps for your eyes and mouth. Simple concept, no need to apply the mask yourself, but just stick this sheet on your face.

I decided to venture into a store called Face Shop. I knew it looked familiar, this is what used to be Fruits and Passions everyone. I looked at some of the products – ohhhh, sheet masks. Looked at the back, what? These are made in Korea, sold! They are very inexpensive, $2.00 for a sheet mask. I decided to try the Real Nature Mask Honey. The mask claims to give you radian and illuminated skin and contains honey extract. It is also supposed to moisturize dry skin. I have very dry skin, so I decided to give it a shot.

I used the mask today. You basically open the package, take the mask out, which is a little difficult to unfold, given it is moist and stuck together. You then have to strategically place it on your face. Making sure to avoid the eye and lip area. This is no easy task! Everyone has a different face size, so I felt that the mask was too close to my eye area then I would have liked. I kept it on for a little less than the 10 minute mark, because I felt like my skin was getting irritated. Sheet masks are slightly uncomfortable, compared to a regular mask you would apply to your skin. I took the mask off around the 7 minute mark. There were no instructions about whether you had to wash your face after removing the mask. I washed mine, because I couldn’t deal with the stick residue.

Did it leave my skin moisturized and radiant? The short answer, no! In fact, it slightly irritated my skin and made me all red. I shouldn’t have expected any wonders with this $2 mask, but at least I know now that sheet masks are really not for me.

Have you used sheet masks? Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to respond in the comments section. 



Life is Full of Sunshine.



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