The Brazilian Wax Experience and Wax Salons in Toronto

Girls – I don’t know about you, but I am hairy. Very hairy. I know, not attractive. I have been blessed with thick, black hair … in the wrong places! I try not to shave too often because it makes the hair thicker and honestly, nothing beats waxing when it comes to achieving the smoothest legs and brazilian.

Toronto has seen a wave of wax bars/spots/salons open in the last five years. They charge a lot of money and the service can be inconsistent.

I got my first ever Brazilian at this place called Ten Spot on Queen West in Toronto. They are famous for their Brazilian. They use a combination of hard and soft wax. If you get a Brazilian done where they don’t use hard wax, you aren’t going to the right place! I still remember lying there, not knowing what to expect, terrified out of my mind. My aesthetician was nice and chatty, I like engaging in conversation during a painful waxing experience – it takes my mind off the pain. I told her it was my first time, and she told me not to worry. Not to worry?!!

For you Brazilian virgins out there, this is how it goes down. You go into the room, you are asked to clean your lady parts with baby wipes (or something that closely resembles baby wipes and has a fancier name). You lie there with a towel covering you. The aesthetician comes and starts applying wax – soft wax in certain areas and hard for the more sensitive parts (you know what I am talking about). Ok, so if you have never used hard wax before, this is what happens. As soon as it is applied, it hardens on your skin. Yes, on your skin, down there! It feels a little strange. The hard wax is not removed with a strip, but is peeled off in one quick motion – if your waxing lady knows what she is doing!

This is the tricky part – not all of them do. You can spend $50 plus on a Brazilian, where the aesthetician hasn’t perfected the technique and there are a lot of pulling attempts. An experienced aesthetician should get your Brazilian done in about 15-20 minutes, she should be quick and thorough not leaving strays behind. Some places advertise their Brazilian as taking 25-30 minutes – if it takes that long, the person doing the wax either doesn’t know what you are doing, or the salon wants you to feel like you are getting your money’s worth. If the Brazilian only takes 10 minutes, you wonder why the salon is charging $50.

I recently had a full leg wax and a Brazilian at the Ten Spot in Leslieville. The girl who did my Brazilian was thorough and quick. She knew what she was doing. I had someone else do my legs. They are legs – not complicated, flat, straight legs. She was slow, her pulls weren’t swift and it hurt more than usual. I paid a lot of money for the full legs and left the place feeling like I got ripped off. If you are charging that much money, at least hire experienced people, who know what they are doing. 

Hygiene also deserves a mention here. You want to go to a clean waxing salon. In a city with nail and waxing salons at every street corner, you need to be able to pick out the ones that have good hygiene practices. When it comes to waxing, well, the main hygiene issue there is double dipping. If that applicator stick goes on your lady bits, and then back in the wax pot, and back on you again – and then the same wax is used on someone else … well you know, where I am going with this. Always ask the salon what their hygiene practices are when it comes to waxing. The person doing the wax should also be wearing gloves.

Wax salons like Ten Spot, Fuzz Wax Bar and Waxon all have excellent hygiene. They have locations all over the city. Ten Spot has great customer service, but your experience can vary based on who the aesthetician is – some are more experienced than others. Fuzz well, I used to go to the location on Queen West a lot but my two favourite aestheticians left, so I stopped going. I also find the front desk to be rude. Waxon I went to once in the Path and was underwhelmed with the experience – it took too long, and the aesthetician didn’t leave the room while I was undressing – weird, I know.  

A Brazilian is painful, but honestly, you get used to the pain after a while, and if you go to an experienced aesthetician for your wax, the experience will be less painful. Do your research, read reviews on places like yelp and You will be happy with the outcome!

Do you have any crazy waxing or Brazilian stories? What are your favourite wax salons in Toronto? 





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