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JackRabbit Salon Toronto Review

I wish I had a dedicated hairdresser that I trusted with all my heart and soul. You know the hairdresser that just knows what you want without much direction. The hairdresser that makes you look like a million bucks when you walk out of that salon. I can’t seem to find the “one” in Toronto …

The outcome of not having a  dedicated hairdresser is that I go on for months without haircuts – I know, horrible. I get split ends, my hair grows to an unmanageable length and becomes unruly. I was at that stage in early December and decided it was time to start reading Yelp and Blogto reviews to find a hair salon in Toronto. Many reviews later,  I came across Jackrabbit Salon in Toronto. They are a relatively new hair salon that opened on Dundas West near Ossington. A hip neighbourhood calls for a hip salon right?

Some of the hairdressers at Jackrabbit,  were at the famed Parlour salon on Ossington, which I heard rave reviews about, but was never fortunate enough to try.

Ok so ex-Parlour hairdressers, this sounds good. Called and got an appointment with Paul. He had excellent reviews – Paul is amazing, Paul knows, Paul gets it.

I walk into the salon, no reception, almost resembles an old barber shop with a hipster element to it. Ok, I don’t care much for a snooty receptionist. It’s a useless expense that many hair salons can probably do without. Paul makes an appearance, I tell him what I want, I am ok with cutting a little bit, want a few layers, don’t go too short. He seems to know what I am talking about – and begins doing his work. I clearly tell him I have thin hair, so I am looking for some volume. How does that equate to please lather my hair with smoothing product, and please, bring out the straightening iron? I wanted a blow dry and I thought I was pretty clear about it. Not a blow dry and then yes, please flatter my hair with the iron. The hair looks decent when I walk out, nothing to rave about. I mean these are simple layers he has to cut, I am not going for something out of the ordinary. Yet, I come out, not too pleased with the experience, not sure what the hype is about, and not really sure he is worth the $70 plus tax and tip I just paid him. I could have pretty much gone anywhere half decent and had a similar haircut experience.

I hadn’t given up yet, I always find that a hairdresser will style your hair however they please. When I go home and wash my hair, I style it in my regular way. That is when I can really tell about the quality of a haircut – is it easier for me to style my hair, is my hair more manageable, do I notice a difference at all? Nothing really in this case.

Overall, unimpressed with Jackrabbit Salon and the hype around Paul. Save your money peeps and try a less priced salon if you are going for a simple haircut. Maybe his talent is catered to shorter haircuts?

For now, I am still looking for that hairdresser …