How to get rid of that nasty corn on your toe

Ok so today’s post isn’t sexy. It is isn’t exciting. But, given I have recently suffered from corns on both my feet, I thought it might be nice to share my thoughts on what actually worked to help get rid of the corn. 

So what is a corn?

Well, if you google “corn on foot”, you will see some horrendous images of people’s feet with corns and other foot ailments. Not all corns look like that, so don’t be terrified! A corn is thickened skin that forms on your foot in areas of pressure and friction. It can look like a hard, bump on the skin and can sometimes be painful. A corn will usually form on a toe joint. Mine formed on my baby toes and were probably caused by wearing shoes that are too tight for my wide feet!

I found myself at my local drug mart, in the foot products aisle. It is kind of embarrassing standing in front of the foot products section. Why? Well, because they have products for wart removal, toe nail fungus, athletes foot and a whole array of foot related conditions. Oh, I forgot, products for smelly feet as well! So now you know why you want to quickly pick up what you need from the section and leave.

I unfortunately didn’t have the luxury of reading this blog post, so I did have to stand there and ponder, and pick up various items to find out what I exactly needed to get rid of these ugly, painful corns. This is where corn removers come in, you will see plenty of them in the foot care section. The product that helps get rid of the corn is salicylic acid.

Disclaimer: See your doctor first to make sure that this is the right fix for you and if in fact what you think is a corn, is actually a corn.  

Ok moving on. There are a number of medicated pads containing salicylic acid  that you apply to the corn that help in the removal process. I have tried a few different types, and couldn’t seem to get rid of the corn. The products have very few instructions and I had to do some web researching to find out how to seriously get rid of these things.

Removal Process

1. Ok so first up, you need to soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin.

2.  Second, dry your skin and apply the pad for up to 48 hours. You can keep the pad on while you shower (I didn’t know this, so applied a new pad everyday!).

3. When you remove the pad, soak your feet in warm water again to soften the skin.

4. You will probably need to apply the pad a few times before the corn will actually come off, but soaking your foot is key! I also used a pumice stone, gently, to help get rid of some of the skin.

As far as corn removers are concerned, the Dr. Scholl’s OneStep Corn Removers worked really well for me. You can purchase these on Amazon:

I have tried a lot of corn removal products and this one actually works at getting rid of the corn. In one treatment, and following the steps above, I took the pad off after 48 hours, and my corn came right off on my left toe. My right toe corn was stubborn, so I had to soak it in warm water and use a pumice stone to gently get rid of it.

This method really works!

Who doesn’t want a corn free foot?