3 Products to Help You Relax and Unwind

Let’s face it. Life can be hectic and sometimes all you need is to just take a minute and breathe! Taking time out for yourself and being able to unwind is extremely important and these products will help you relax that busy mind!

1. Now Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser – $45.00

If you don’t have an oil diffuser – get one right now!


This BPA free diffuser uses ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an aromatherapy mist. There is no heat involved, so the essential oils don’t lose their holistic properties. It is easy to clean and really quiet and the compact design will fit anywhere in your home! Plus, you know there are no artificial fragrances or chemicals, unlike most scented candles.

Use this with your favourite essential oil, my personal favourite is the AromaForce Lavender oil which smells fantastic in this diffuser! $12.99 CDN at Well.ca.

2. Bathorium CocoCreamer Bath Bomb $9.95

We all know a warm bath is nice and relaxing. A warm bath with the Bathorium Bath Bomb is heaven! This isn’t just any bath bomb. It smells amazing, yet gentle. It is made from organic virgin coconut oil, creamy coconut milk, and lavender essential oils and it is amazing for dry skin. It is a slow-release bath bomb, meaning it won’t dissolve right away in your bath so you can feel the carbonation while in the bath -fun, right? Oh and they are proudly Canadian! Bathorium has a whole range of bath bombs which can be purchased on their website at http://www.bathorium.com/collections/all-bath-bombs.

3. Miiyu Flocked Cloud Robe – $69.00 at simons.ca

No bath is complete, without being able to get into a comfy in this adorable bathrobe! Spend the rest of the evening lounging in your bathrobe and then call it a night!