Ten Spot Leslieville Review: Brazilian Wax and Pedicure

Ok, so I have had my fair share of waxing experiences in the downtown core. I have tried them all, Ten Spot, Fuzz, and Waxon.

Waxon – wasn’t a fan, I mean please leave the room while I undress, it is weird.

Fuzz, hmmm what can I say inconsistent service, high turnover of staff.

Ten Spot, what, I can get waxing and a pedicure done at the same place? Sounds good right?

Ok, so let’s start with the waxing. I have had a few Brazilian and leg wax appointments at this location. The Brazilian … hmmm, it is inconsistent at best. I booked an appointment with a specific individual that I had heard great things about. It was a later appointment in the day, so perhaps I was asking for a not so good finished product? But I am paying $50 plus tax and tip for this service, shouldn’t it be stellar? Should I see stray hairs (easily waxable) when I come home? No, I really shouldn’t. I don’t care if you are tired, or if you are having a bad day, but that is my hard earned money and I want things to be smooth down there! So, will I be going back for a Brazilly? No. The $60 Brazilian is really not worth it. I had another experience with my leg wax – this was before the holidays, an inexperienced girl, waxing away at my legs. The pull was off, application was off. And I paid $55 plus tax, plus tip for this. Oh, and there were stray hairs when I looked at my legs later on. Oh, and it took forever too.

Now for their pedicure – they are hygienic, I will give them that. But, when you come home only to find the polish on your big toe crumbling – you know your pedi was lacking. This is after waiting there for a good half hour to let your polish dry. Will I go again for a pedicure? Probably, until I can find an equally (or more) hygienic place for my pedicures.

Overall, Ten Spot Leslieville is characterized by overpriced, lackluster services.



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