Glow Medi Spa in Toronto Review: Facial

I am trying to take care of my skin this year and we all know maintaining good skin requires regular facials. I decided to give Glow Medi Spa in Yorkville, Toronto a try after reading about it online. So this is what their website says … they are “recognized nationwide for … quality services …” and their “exceptional team of caring professionals”. Impressed with all of this – I thought why not give them a call and book an appointment. So they book you in for a “consultation” where the skin care professional will evaluate your skin and then recommend a treatment. And guess what? The consultation is $50.00. But wait, if you book a treatment following the consultation, they waive the $50.00. Ok makes sense – I scheduled a time and was looking forward to my facial appointment. (But if you don’t like your consultation, you are stuck because you can’t cancel the facial appointment …)

So how was my experience at Glow Medi Spa in Toronto? Let’s just say I was not impressed…

I arrive in time for my morning appointment. I am greeted by the receptionist and she asks me to fill out some forms. I am offered some tea and take a seat in the waiting area. So far, so good. I begin filling out the paper work. The usual forms about health history etc.

Next, my skin care professional arrives about 15 minutes later – am I at a walk-in doctor’s office? Or just a spa where I am paying a lot of money to have a facial done. I shouldn’t be waiting at all. Her name is Catherine. She takes me to a consultation room – where she starts taking pictures of my face … you know for comparison purposes … or whatever. I honestly have no idea why she was taking the pictures – she really didn’t explain properly. Her attitude was kinda rude and unfriendly. I tell her my skin concerns, she asks me a few questions and then tells me she will perform some kind of calming facial (?) – see this is the thing. She did not explain what my skin needed, what type of facial she would be performing, what kinds of products she would be using. She was rude from the start and had a snooty attitude about her which I didn’t care. This facial costs $145 plus HST.

Ok, I go in the treatment room. She leaves. I get into my facial attire … you know the weird half robe thing. I lay down. She comes in, and begins doing her thing. During a facial, I like to know exactly what they are using and what they are doing. Catherine is unethusiastic, extremely critical of my skin ( and I actually have good skin guys!) and is judging me for buying products at Sephora. Not cool at all. They use a German line called Dr. Babor. Anyhow the facial involves cleansing, a mild enyzme meel, a mask and very minor extractions. They charge an extra $40 or $45 for deep extractions. I think I will pass thanks. No face massage here. I honestly felt very uncomfortable during the whole facial, like I couldn’t relax because I was just so annoyed at this lady’s attitude. She says I need to come in 4 weeks for a proper peel – I don’t think so lady. I am not coming back here.

Anyhow the facial is done and she leaves. She doesn’t ask me how I am doing. I come out of the room and she isn’t there which I find very strange. You need to ask your client how their skin is feeling, how they like their skin, how the facial was …. none of that. I go to the reception area and Catherine is there talking to a receptionist. She does not ask me how my facial was. She actually doesn’t even acknowledge me. Neither does the receptionist, which I find rather alarming. This place screams bad customer service. Catherine has recommended a few products on a paper which the receptionist asks if I want. Well, yes, I would be interested if Catherine had actually explained what products she was recommending and what they were for. The receptionist has no idea about any of the products either. I guess I will pass then?

Overall, I leave annoyed, reflecting on the horrible experience I just had. Oh and my skin, honestly, I could have paid half the money for a facial and it would look the same. Nothing special. People, don’t waste your money at Glow Medi Spa. Try another place where you won’t find snooty staff and a spa that only cares about making money.


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