Consonant Skincare Dealkalizing Deodorant Review

So a couple of months ago I posted about yet another natural deodorant that I had tried. Consonant Skincare is a local Toronto company with 100% natural products, including the Dealkalizing Deodorant. This deodorant works. My first month of using it, no smell whatsoever. After a month, underarms were a little wet, and there was a faint odour. Lately, I have started to notice more of an odour with this deodorant. It isn’t a strong odour, but it is still there and makes me uneasy. So overall, this worked really well initially for me, and then just kinda died down in its effectiveness. I am still using it, until I find a better alternative. But let’s be real, I would rather have faint underarm odour, then go back to the aluminum filled deodorants at the drug store!

The quest continues for the perfect natural deodorant.


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