This Eye Cream Actually Gets Rid of Those Dark Circles: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme

Eye Creams are tough to find – I have tried my fair share of eye creams and honestly haven’t found too many that I could rave about. Here is the thing: there are daytime eye creams and nighttime eye creams, and I have quickly realized that if I am wearing makeup, my thick nighttime eye cream just won’t cut it. A daytime eye cream should brighten up the eye area, disguise your dark circles , make you look awake and sit well under concealer, all while providing anti-aging benefits! Sounds impossible to find right? I actually thought it was impossible until I found this gem of an eye cream!

This eye cream is almost always out of stock at Sephora and now I know why.

I was at my local Sephora and of course the eye cream was sold out. In fact, they didn’t even have a sample for me to try! I was lucky to find this eye cream in a Ole Henriksen starter skincare kit, which I am soooo glad I purchased. More about that in another post, because I am really falling in love with Ole Henriksen products! If you are curious, the kit is called the 3 Makeup Wonders Kit and has a 15 ml Banana Bright Eye Creme in it, which is a lot of eye cream, trust me!

I always find that products that are over hyped on Youtube or on Instagram rarely make the cut for me, and so I wasn’t expecting much from this cream. Anyhow, I gave it a shot and omg I was pleasantly surprised. This eye cream really is a miracle product. It contains Vitamin C which brightens up the eye area and it is inspired by banana powder. It just conceals my dark circles, where I don’t really even need to wear concealer, because my face just brightens up after using this! It is so moisturizing yet lightweight at the same time – I have a dry under eye area, so I love the moisture! I have given it the concealer test, using my Maybeline Fit Me Concealer (which I reviewed in this post, – it is wonderful btw) and it really works as a wonderful base for my concealer. Aside from just brightening the under eye area, this cream also has anti-aging benefits, it supports natural collagen and firms up the eye area. I can’t speak to the long-term anti-aging benefits of this cream, but so far, I am loving applying this every morning! I honestly feel like I don’t even need to wear concealer when I have this on. Ole Henriksen really hit a home run with this Banana Bright Eye Creme!

Go and purchase this now at Sephora! It retails for $38.00 US. You can also purchase it directly from Ole Henriksen’s website.

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