This mask will really transform your skin! Review: Fresh Rose Face Mask

I still remember when Sephora first opened in Canada – it was a really big deal for us guys! A makeup and skincare heaven where you could try on and play with products undisturbed by snooty department store counter ladies (that were the least bit helpful). Sephora landing in Canada was my first introduction to the brand Fresh. It was a unique brand, their packaging was intriguing and their products smelled oh so good! I came across the Fresh Rose Face Mask many years ago, eyed it, got a sample and went home excited to try it on. Of course I loved it then, but my student self couldn’t justify spending $75.00 on a face mask.

If you haven’t seen this face mask yet, go to Sephora and look at it, smell it! You will be sold by the smell, but just the texture of this mask is amazing! It has rose petals in it – yup, you heard me right, rose petals. It also contains rosewater, cucumber extract, aloe vera and green tea, which is an antioxidant. This mask claims to restore radiance, moisturize the skin, and tone the skin.  Continue reading “This mask will really transform your skin! Review: Fresh Rose Face Mask”


Korean Beauty Products: Innisfree Jeju Volcano Capsule Recipe Pack Review

I am back with another Korean beauty product review. I spoke about Innisfree in my last post titled: Korean Beauty Product to the Test: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack Review 

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Korean Beauty Product to the Test: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack Review

I suffer from blackheads on my T-zone, particularly my nose. I have tried a lot of products to get rid of blackheads, masks, pore strips etc. I have been hearing so much about Korean beauty products lately and wanted to test any blackhead related products I could find. I love pore strips, there is a certain satisfaction you get when you peel off that pore strip and see it filled with blackheads. Anyhow these pore strips are from a brand called Innisfree, which is a natural Korean brand. I am not sure how natural the brand is, I definitely don’t think it is 100% natural. Anyhow, these are pore strips, and I don’t care if they are natural, I just want them to work. The product claims to remove blackheads and keep pores clean. Awesome. It contains Jeju volcanic clay (I am not sure what the Jeju volcano is … but it sounds cool). Apparently it is supposed to help with cleaning the pores. Anyhow, the process is straightforward. Wet your nose, apply the strip on your nose, let it dry and wait and see. The strip has this weird smell to it, almost like glue, which made me freak out and scramble to read the ingredients. Imagine it was really just glue, like in those Youtube videos of people removing their blackheads with glue? Anyhow, no glue in this, just a weird smell, maybe the Jeju?

Once the strip dried out, I removed it and the ultimate test would be, how many blackheads are on that damn strip and is this better or worse than the classic Biore strips? So the verdict is in: they are about the same as the Biore strips in effectiveness. I saw a few blackheads on the middle part of the strip and on the edges, probably just as many as I would see with a Biore strip. Unfortunately people, this isn’t the wonder product we have been waiting for to magically remove our stubborn blackheads. I am going to keep searching!


Busty girl problems: My favourite bras for my DD cup size!

Ok, this is getting personal – I wasn’t planning on writing a post about bras.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was browsing in my undergarments drawer, looking for my favourite bra. I found the bra and lay it flat on the bed, with such admiration. This bra is a beauty isn’t it? Who says busty girls can’t wear pretty bras and have to stick to grandma wonder bras?

So here’s my story. I am tiny but a bit too well endowed in the chest area. I was always on the hunt to find the perfect bra, with my tiny band size, but huge cup size. I found some ill-fitting Calvin Klein bras and wore those through most of my early – mid 20s. Victoria Secret? I longed to buy bras from there, but they never had bra sizes that would fit me, or even if they had the correct size, the sizing was off on me when I tried the bra. When I started working full-time and actually had the money to spend more than $50 on a bra, I decided it was time to go to a bra boutique, instead of buying my bras at The Bay. A bra boutique will generally have a bra-fitting specialist that will measure you and help you find the right style. I decided to go to a bra specialist in downtown Toronto called Brava Boutique. The girls in this store are super friendly and are really on a mission to help you find that perfect bra. They measure you, give you a couple of different bras to try in different styles, and then come inside the change room after you have tried on each bra, and they adjust it for you. I remember back then, that this was a whole new world for me because these bras actually fit and were beautiful! They also didn’t have padding, which you don’t need if your heavy busted. Tell that to Victoria Secret please! The bras were beautiful lace, with lovely stitching and gave you that perfect shape! I ended up buying three bras from them that first time, and omg I loved these bras. They changed my world. My boobs never looked better, clothing fit so nicely, and my boobs didn’t look like melons! How much did I spend? Well each bra was well over $100, but it was money well spent. The bras lasted me for a loooong time because I took care of them i.e. hand-washed them only with a gentle detergent called Forever New.

My favourite bra is the one in the picture. It is by a French brand called Emperiente and this model is called Lilly Rose. This bra gives you the perfect shape, and provides great support, plus it is gorgeous!

One of my other favourite brands for bras is Prima Donna which also offer excellent support. I have the Madison style in two different colours and love it. I find Prima Donna to be less expensive than Emperiente, but not as pretty as Emperiente bras!

Another bra I have had for years is from a brand called Lou. I have a super sexy  Demi bra which fits perfectly with great support!

I think these bras would be good for busty and non-busty gals, as who couldn’t use a little more sexy looking support?


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