Why I quit my job without having another position lined up …

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on this website. I have had a somewhat difficult 2016 and am hoping to turn things around for the better. For the last year and a half I suffered through working at a job that was not good for me in many different ways. I didn’t realize the toll that a bad workplace  can take on your professional and personal life. I had known for a while that this job was not the right fit for me, but it wasn’t until I started seeing a career coach that things really came to light. My coach asked me to rate my level of satisfaction with my current job on a scale of 1 to 10, asking me to consider various aspects of the job such as work environment, actual work, people, etc. After careful thought, I rated my job as a 1 out of 10. My coach was surprised, and told me that she rarely saw someone rate their job this low. She told me to seriously consider moving on, and that having such a low level of satisfaction wasn’t good for me mentally. I knew this all along, but her telling me this simply validated what I was going through and feeling.

The last year and a half was a struggle for me, I had a boss who didn’t care in the least about work, he wanted to chat about everything but work, never took responsibility for anything and never gave a clear answer. He actually lied to me several times, and lacked any trace of transparency. He barely showed up to work, was incompetent and well, the list could go on … On top of that I was thrown into a managerial position that wasn’t exactly something I wanted at this stage in my career. The work environment itself was toxic, plagued with gossip, politics and backstabbing, something I wasn’t accustomed to at all. Lastly, the actual work I was doing bored me to death. Everyday felt like a battle, I was miserable, and brought the stress back home with me.

I started seeing a career coach about 6 months ago. She helped me identify my strengths, values, interests and what type of work environments I would thrive in. All of this was eye-opening for me, in the sense that I knew this about myself, but I never brought these ideas to the forefront. All of this made me realize that this job did not align well with my values and interests. It wasn’t the right fit and I needed to get out. In the summer, I made up my mind to leave my job by November, regardless of whether I had another job or not. I was looking for jobs, but the stress of the day left me so unmotivated and discouraged to engage in an effective job search and to network with people. So, for my sanity and health, I gave my boss my two weeks notice and quit my job without having anything to go to. Do I regret my decision? Absolutely not. Only I know how toxic that job was for me and the toll it was taking on my health. Am I happier now? I can’t expect immediate happiness. Quitting my job does not equal joy. What it does give me is the relief of not having to suffer another day at toxic job. In fact, after what I have been through, I think it will take me a couple of weeks to get over the horrific experience of my last job. Of course I will feel anxious, not having another position lined up and not knowing where my career is going. But, I feel positive about the future and what it holds for me. I know myself better now, and I know that my next job has to align well with my values and interests. My next job may not be my dream job, but at least it will check off some of the boxes that are important to me and will lead me to the path of my dream job.

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New Year, New You and where to go for Yoga in Toronto…

Hello everyone! It’s taking a while to get back into the regular routine of things after the holidays. I had a week off work, spent time with friends and family and had a few “do nothing” days. This past Sunday, I started to get the usual blues before the start of the work week. You know the “can I retire now?”, “When is my next vacation?” usual musings.

To say Monday morning was rough, is a bit of an understatement. The holidays had made me somewhat lazy, I was waking up at noon and sleeping at odd hours. The alarm clock was not well received on Monday morning (when is it ever well received?). Getting through the workday was a struggle. This morning was also a challenge. I am hoping I can get back into the grind by the end of this week – don’t we always do? and before you know it, the time off or that lovely vacation is just a fading memory.

I am trying to keep positive this new year. I don’t exactly love my job, but right now it pays the bills, and I am focused on finding myself a new one this year. Time to start networking again! Other than finding a new job, I want to spend time my free time doing the things I love, instead of wasting time idly surfing the web. Writing is one of them – I plan to enrol in a creative writing class in February. I also want to continue with my Yoga practice.

Speaking of Yoga, one of my favourite Yoga studios in the city is YogaBe. They are located in the Path which makes it very convenient to drop by during work or after work. The studio has small class sizes, so it is not overwhelming. The instructors are amazing and they have a variety of classes. If you want to try a class, try a class with David Good, he is amaaazing! My favourite classes are Computer Back (if you sit at a computer all day, this class is for you!), Beginner Basics, and Flow and Restore.

In addition to Yoga, I want to focus on my diet and eat as healthy as possible. I want to cook at home more often and incorporate more whole foods into my diet. I also want to listen to more health podcasts. One of my favourite local health podcasts is the Ultimate Health Podcast, by @Marni Wasserman and @Jesse Chappus. This podcast covers a range of topics and introduced me to the world of healthy eating and living!

Stay positive everyone!