Why I quit my job without having another position lined up …

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on this website. I have had a somewhat difficult 2016 and am hoping to turn things around for the better. For the last year and a half I suffered through working at a job that was not good for me in many different ways. I didn’t realize the toll that a bad workplace  can take on your professional and personal life. I had known for a while that this job was not the right fit for me, but it wasn’t until I started seeing a career coach that things really came to light. My coach asked me to rate my level of satisfaction with my current job on a scale of 1 to 10, asking me to consider various aspects of the job such as work environment, actual work, people, etc. After careful thought, I rated my job as a 1 out of 10. My coach was surprised, and told me that she rarely saw someone rate their job this low. She told me to seriously consider moving on, and that having such a low level of satisfaction wasn’t good for me mentally. I knew this all along, but her telling me this simply validated what I was going through and feeling.

The last year and a half was a struggle for me, I had a boss who didn’t care in the least about work, he wanted to chat about everything but work, never took responsibility for anything and never gave a clear answer. He actually lied to me several times, and lacked any trace of transparency. He barely showed up to work, was incompetent and well, the list could go on … On top of that I was thrown into a managerial position that wasn’t exactly something I wanted at this stage in my career. The work environment itself was toxic, plagued with gossip, politics and backstabbing, something I wasn’t accustomed to at all. Lastly, the actual work I was doing bored me to death. Everyday felt like a battle, I was miserable, and brought the stress back home with me.

I started seeing a career coach about 6 months ago. She helped me identify my strengths, values, interests and what type of work environments I would thrive in. All of this was eye-opening for me, in the sense that I knew this about myself, but I never brought these ideas to the forefront. All of this made me realize that this job did not align well with my values and interests. It wasn’t the right fit and I needed to get out. In the summer, I made up my mind to leave my job by November, regardless of whether I had another job or not. I was looking for jobs, but the stress of the day left me so unmotivated and discouraged to engage in an effective job search and to network with people. So, for my sanity and health, I gave my boss my two weeks notice and quit my job without having anything to go to. Do I regret my decision? Absolutely not. Only I know how toxic that job was for me and the toll it was taking on my health. Am I happier now? I can’t expect immediate happiness. Quitting my job does not equal joy. What it does give me is the relief of not having to suffer another day at toxic job. In fact, after what I have been through, I think it will take me a couple of weeks to get over the horrific experience of my last job. Of course I will feel anxious, not having another position lined up and not knowing where my career is going. But, I feel positive about the future and what it holds for me. I know myself better now, and I know that my next job has to align well with my values and interests. My next job may not be my dream job, but at least it will check off some of the boxes that are important to me and will lead me to the path of my dream job.

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Consonant Skincare Dealkalizing Deodorant Review

So a couple of months ago I posted about yet another natural deodorant that I had tried. Consonant Skincare is a local Toronto company with 100% natural products, including the Dealkalizing Deodorant. This deodorant works. My first month of using it, no smell whatsoever. After a month, underarms were a little wet, and there was a faint odour. Lately, I have started to notice more of an odour with this deodorant. It isn’t a strong odour, but it is still there and makes me uneasy. So overall, this worked really well initially for me, and then just kinda died down in its effectiveness. I am still using it, until I find a better alternative. But let’s be real, I would rather have faint underarm odour, then go back to the aluminum filled deodorants at the drug store!

The quest continues for the perfect natural deodorant.

Trying yet another natural deodorant… Let’s see if it actually works! 

I have tried my share of natural deodorants and have mixed reviews about a lot of them. Let’s be clear – these are not antiperspirants. They won’t stop you from sweating like those aluminium filled speed sticks we have all used. But a little sweat doesn’t bother me, as long as there is no odour. 

I landed upon this store while strolling through the Toronto Path. It’s called Consonant Skincare. Their products are 100% natural and also use organic ingredients. The lady at the store told me that this deodorant is really effective and that if it doesn’t work I can return it. So why not give it a go? I was debating the purchase when a guy came in, grabbed two of these bad boys and went to the checkout. Hmmm if this works on men … Then it will work on me?

I made the purchase. 

Check back in a few weeks and I will post a review!

Happy perspiring?!!

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap Review

I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop in ages. It was popular when I was in high school, I loved their tea tree oil products and their musk scent. I got over The Body Shop pretty quickly as I entered my 20s and the brand just kind of lost steam. I happened to find myself in a Body Shop store on my way home from work. I came across the Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap and was intrigued.This soap is part of the Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil collection.  massage soap with Argan oil? What more do you need?


My skin is very dry and I was thinking the Argan oil would provide me with much needed moisture.I really wanted to love this soap. For starters, it is a bit awkward to hold in the shower. I find it a bit too big and it slips easily from my hand. Forget about massaging – as the soap gets really slippery. This soap doesn’t have the greatest scent either (which is not a deal breaker by any means). It left my skin feeling quite parched after I came out of the shower. Wasn’t this supposed to be moisturizing? I am not sure what amount of Argan oil this soap contains, but it is probably minimal at best, given that this soap is currently on sale for $3.60 CDN. Overall, I am unimpressed.


Real Techniques Sponge Review: Is this as good as the Beauty Blender?

I have been using the holy grail Beauty Blender for sometime now. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just your regular makeup sponge. It blended my foundation so easily creating a flawless finish. Concealer creasing? Didn’t happen with the Beauty Blender.

So for those of you that have never used a Beauty Blender, well it is an egg shaped sponge. It comes in different colours and two different sizes. The thing with this sponge is you need to wet it before you use it. You wet the sponge, squeezing the excess water, and then dabbing with a towel. After you have wet the Beauty Blender it is ready to use. Wetting the sponge allows the product to sit on the surface of the sponge and not get absorbed.  I knew the Beauty Blender was doing wonders for my makeup when I had people commenting about how amazing my skin looked (they didn’t know I was wearing foundation!). Ok, so now that we know this thing is amazing and an absolute essential, why am I trying other sponges? Well, here’s the thing. The Beauty Blender is pricey! It retails for $28 CDN at Sephora. Oh, and you need to replace it every 3 months. It is no wonder I started looking at similar sponges to see if there were more affordable options.

I had heard a few Youtube beauty bloggers rave about the Real Techniques Sponge and how it was an affordable dupe for the Beauty Blender. The Real Techniques Sponge retails for $9.99 CDN at amazon.ca. Not bad, right? It looks similar to the Beauty Blender, but has a flat edge that is supposed to work for contouring. Same process here, you wet the sponge, and then use it to blend your foundation, concealer etc.

Ok, so I have had this for a month now and given it a number of shots. I don’t love it. It doesn’t work as well as the Beauty Blender, it absorbs all my product, and doesn’t create the same finish. Nothing other than this sponge has changed in my foundation routine, so I know the sponge is the culprit.

So what’s my overall opinion of the Real Techniques sponge? Doesn’t compare to the Beauty Blender. Period.

Glow Medi Spa in Toronto Review: Facial

I am trying to take care of my skin this year and we all know maintaining good skin requires regular facials. I decided to give Glow Medi Spa in Yorkville, Toronto a try after reading about it online. So this is what their website says … they are “recognized nationwide for … quality services …” and their “exceptional team of caring professionals”. Impressed with all of this – I thought why not give them a call and book an appointment. So they book you in for a “consultation” where the skin care professional will evaluate your skin and then recommend a treatment. And guess what? The consultation is $50.00. But wait, if you book a treatment following the consultation, they waive the $50.00. Ok makes sense – I scheduled a time and was looking forward to my facial appointment. (But if you don’t like your consultation, you are stuck because you can’t cancel the facial appointment …)

So how was my experience at Glow Medi Spa in Toronto? Let’s just say I was not impressed… Continue reading “Glow Medi Spa in Toronto Review: Facial”

Ten Spot Leslieville Review: Brazilian Wax and Pedicure

Ok, so I have had my fair share of waxing experiences in the downtown core. I have tried them all, Ten Spot, Fuzz, and Waxon.

Waxon – wasn’t a fan, I mean please leave the room while I undress, it is weird.

Fuzz, hmmm what can I say inconsistent service, high turnover of staff.

Ten Spot, what, I can get waxing and a pedicure done at the same place? Sounds good right? Continue reading “Ten Spot Leslieville Review: Brazilian Wax and Pedicure”

Is this the best sunscreen for your face? Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Review

Sunscreen. We all know this is the most essential product to wear on your face to prevent aging, yet sometimes we forget. Or, we don’t like the extra step, or we just can’t seem to find that perfect sunscreen. You know something that doesn’t look like you have a white coating on your face, something that you can actually wear under your makeup without getting too oily. I think I found that sunscreen btw… Continue reading “Is this the best sunscreen for your face? Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Review”

Toronto’s Best Restaurants Right Now

Ok so Toronto is buzzing these days. The NBA All Star Game is weeks away. We now have a train from the airport to the downtown core. And to top it all … we have amazing places to eat in this city. I love eating out, and I love good food. Here are my top picks for where to eat in Toronto. This is not a comprehensive list, just some of my favourite places!

1. Bar Raval – 505 College Street, Toronto

Yes, we have heard about Bar Raval time and again. But there is something about this place that makes you keep coming back. Whether it is the semi-heated outdoor patio where you freeze your butt off while eating tapas and sipping absinthe cocktails, or the indoor bar area with wooden arches, or the fact that you could be standing next to strangers and finding yourself conversing with them, Bar Raval is an experience. Grant van Gameren is probably my favourite chef in the city – his food is divine. Who ever thought bread with tomato could taste so good? But it does at Bar Raval. My favourites on the menu are the Manchego Cheese, the Mushroom Tower, the Chilled Octopus, and the Cuttlefish Fideo. Pair that with an Absinthe-minded cocktail and you are set for having a great night out!

2. Bar Isabel – 797 College Street, Toronto

Grant van Gameren makes an appearance again. This space has more of a restaurant feel to it, although I have sat at the bar and loved it. Food is spectacular – its Grant van Gameren after all. The King Crab is spectacular. Go there and experience it.

3. Seven Lives – 69 Kensington Avenue, Toronto

Yes, I know, tacos are like so 3 years ago … but, this tiny hole in the wall spot in Kensington Market has heavy lineups. If there is one taco in this city you want to try (trust me there are a lot of tacos in Toronto), it is Seven Lives. Baja Fish is my personal favourite, but the octopus taco is a close runner up. Oh and the ceviche. The ceviche is one of the best I have tried in the city. They only take cash and be prepared to wait, and then stand to eat your tacos, unless you can find a spot on the one communal table. Hours are sketchy sometimes, they close at 7 sharp, no exceptions.

4. Buca Yorkville – 53 Scollard Street, Toronto

I never understood the hype about Buca. I went to the King Street location and was underwhelmed. I decided to give Buca Yorkville a try this summer and well, what can I say, I was impressed. This place isn’t cheap so come prepared to spend a lot of money on excellent food. Seafood charcuterie anyone?  The menu is heavily focused on seafood, which I don’t mind at all. Try the braised octopus or the zuppa di pesce – you won’t be disappointed.

5. Jacobs and Co. Steakhouse – 12 Brant Street, Toronto

There are some great steak places in Toronto. But Jacobs tops them all. Whether it is the service, the overall ambience, the piano in the entrance, or the table side caesar salad, Jacobs is where you want to eat your steak. They have an extensive steak menu, with varying prices of steak, but don’t be alarmed by the prices, you don’t need to spend $400 on a steak to have a good dining experience here. Let the waiters help you with ordering, they know what they are talking about. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience that is Jacobs.

6. Byblos – 11 Duncan Street, Toronto

As much as I despise Charles Khabouth outposts for their lackluster food, and their “where to be seen” persona, Byblos actually has great food. The fare here is “Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine” – this isn’t your falafel joint, people. Start off with a Gulab cocktail – who doesn’t like rose petals in their cocktail? Then order the Turkish Manti Dumplings, the Yogort Baked Fluke and the Sweet Jeweled Rice. The food here is full of flavour, service is great and cocktails are delicious.

7. The Gabardine – 373 Bay Street, Toronto

If you find yourself in the financial district at lunchtime, this cozy restaurant is full of Bay streeters, getting away from the pretentiousness of it all. Home cooked meal – that is what the food at Gabardine tastes like. Delicious, simple food. Try the Mac and Cheese, the Po Boy, and the Chicken Pot Pie. They don’t take reservations at lunch so try getting here at 11:45 if you want a spot.

8. Burger’s Priest – various locations, Toronto

Sometimes you just want a good ol’ burger. But you don’t want a defrosted burger patty, that tastes rubbery. You want freshly ground burgers. That is what you get at Burger’s Priest. Melt in your mouth burgers. There are locations on Queen West, Queen East, and Adelaide Street. I personally like the Adelaide street location, it is bigger, lots of places to sit and no lineups. This is the best burger in the city hands-down.


The list can go on … Toronto is full of amazing places to eat, new restaurants are opening all the time. These are some of my favourites, places I go to repeatedly. Some other mentions here, Churrasco Villa on Eglinton Avenue (best Portuguese chicken in town), Pomegranate on College Street (best Persian in the city), Enoteca Sociale (Italian), and Queen Margherita Pizza.

Happy Eating!


3 Products to Help You Relax and Unwind

Let’s face it. Life can be hectic and sometimes all you need is to just take a minute and breathe! Taking time out for yourself and being able to unwind is extremely important and these products will help you relax that busy mind!

1. Now Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser – $45.00

If you don’t have an oil diffuser – get one right now!


This BPA free diffuser uses ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an aromatherapy mist. There is no heat involved, so the essential oils don’t lose their holistic properties. It is easy to clean and really quiet and the compact design will fit anywhere in your home! Plus, you know there are no artificial fragrances or chemicals, unlike most scented candles.

Use this with your favourite essential oil, my personal favourite is the AromaForce Lavender oil which smells fantastic in this diffuser! $12.99 CDN at Well.ca.

2. Bathorium CocoCreamer Bath Bomb $9.95

We all know a warm bath is nice and relaxing. A warm bath with the Bathorium Bath Bomb is heaven! This isn’t just any bath bomb. It smells amazing, yet gentle. It is made from organic virgin coconut oil, creamy coconut milk, and lavender essential oils and it is amazing for dry skin. It is a slow-release bath bomb, meaning it won’t dissolve right away in your bath so you can feel the carbonation while in the bath -fun, right? Oh and they are proudly Canadian! Bathorium has a whole range of bath bombs which can be purchased on their website at http://www.bathorium.com/collections/all-bath-bombs.

3. Miiyu Flocked Cloud Robe – $69.00 at simons.ca

No bath is complete, without being able to get into a comfy in this adorable bathrobe! Spend the rest of the evening lounging in your bathrobe and then call it a night!