The natural highlighter you have been looking for: MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Beaming Blush

I have had a love hate relationship with highlighters. Yes, I love them in Youtube videos, but on myself … hmm, I love them initially and then after an hour, the pores start to show, and you look like your face is melting. Or, you look so over the top, that you wonder how these Youtube beauty bloggers go outside, during THE DAY, with their insane amounts of highlight on. I have tried a number of highlighters including the holy grail Becca highlighters. They are not bad. In fact, they are beautiful! Can I wear them outside in broad daylight? No. Do they give me a natural glow? No, they don’t. They are best for a night out when you want people to know yes, I have highlighter on and I am proud of it. But then you look at J.Lo and wonder, wait a minute, she is always glowing, but it looks so natural. Now, I don’t know what J.Lo does to get that glow, but I was in search of the oh so natural glow. The glow I could get away with during the day without looking like a light bulb.

That is when I discovered this beauty: Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish in the shade Beaming Blush. IMG_7320OMG. It was by chance I found this. I was at a Mac store, desperately asking for Whisper of Guilt knowing it was sold out and then t a very helpful Mac gal told me about this shade. I looked at it and was like “wait a minute, this is purple, or silver, or wait is it pink or gold?” She told me to just give it a try. I tried it on, and omg, this was the most beautiful highlight I had ever worn. Natural, a pinkish-gold subtle glow, but so beautiful!

I wear this all the time now, yes, during the day, in natural light. It looks amazing, never over the top, and it doesn’t make my pores show! This baby sells out quickly, so I would recommend purchasing it right about now! It retails for $38.00 and can be purchased from online at the Mac store. Happy glowing!