Finding Your Passion

Have you ever wondered how many people you come across that actually love their job? I remember a partner at the first law firm I worked at tell me that she works to make money to do the things she loves. Do you treat your job as a means to an end? Or, do you want to go into work everyday loving what you do, finding passion at your job and feeling like you have made a difference? I belong to the latter category. I want to enjoy what I do, I want it to be meaningful and what I do for a living forms an essential part of me. This is where the dreamer in me comes to life – do I like my current job? Absolutely not! Do I continue dreaming about finding my passion? Do I even know what that is? Will I end up broke and homeless if I do follow my passion?

I like writing – I want to become a freelance writer someday. I am also passionate about food (let’s clarify – eating good food, not cooking it!) and I enjoy engaging in academic research. Hard to pin it down right? Life’s practicalities also come into play – mortgage, student loans and bills. It come as no surprise then as to why so many people are in jobs they hate, finding your passion isn’t that easy and even when you do, implementing a course of action to turn that passion into a full-fledged career is not an easy task!

What’s my plan? For now, I will continue doing what I am doing, use my free time to engage in writing and hopefully things will fall into place.

Are you in a job you hate? What are you doing about it?

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