The natural highlighter you have been looking for: MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Beaming Blush

I have had a love hate relationship with highlighters. Yes, I love them in Youtube videos, but on myself … hmm, I love them initially and then after an hour, the pores start to show, and you look like your face is melting. Or, you look so over the top, that you wonder how these Youtube beauty bloggers go outside, during THE DAY, with their insane amounts of highlight on. I have tried a number of highlighters including the holy grail Becca highlighters. They are not bad. In fact, they are beautiful! Can I wear them outside in broad daylight? No. Do they give me a natural glow? No, they don’t. They are best for a night out when you want people to know yes, I have highlighter on and I am proud of it. But then you look at J.Lo and wonder, wait a minute, she is always glowing, but it looks so natural. Now, I don’t know what J.Lo does to get that glow, but I was in search of the oh so natural glow. The glow I could get away with during the day without looking like a light bulb.

That is when I discovered this beauty: Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish in the shade Beaming Blush. IMG_7320OMG. It was by chance I found this. I was at a Mac store, desperately asking for Whisper of Guilt knowing it was sold out and then t a very helpful Mac gal told me about this shade. I looked at it and was like “wait a minute, this is purple, or silver, or wait is it pink or gold?” She told me to just give it a try. I tried it on, and omg, this was the most beautiful highlight I had ever worn. Natural, a pinkish-gold subtle glow, but so beautiful!

I wear this all the time now, yes, during the day, in natural light. It looks amazing, never over the top, and it doesn’t make my pores show! This baby sells out quickly, so I would recommend purchasing it right about now! It retails for $38.00 and can be purchased from online at the Mac store. Happy glowing!


Real Techniques Sponge Review: Is this as good as the Beauty Blender?

I have been using the holy grail Beauty Blender for sometime now. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just your regular makeup sponge. It blended my foundation so easily creating a flawless finish. Concealer creasing? Didn’t happen with the Beauty Blender.

So for those of you that have never used a Beauty Blender, well it is an egg shaped sponge. It comes in different colours and two different sizes. The thing with this sponge is you need to wet it before you use it. You wet the sponge, squeezing the excess water, and then dabbing with a towel. After you have wet the Beauty Blender it is ready to use. Wetting the sponge allows the product to sit on the surface of the sponge and not get absorbed.  I knew the Beauty Blender was doing wonders for my makeup when I had people commenting about how amazing my skin looked (they didn’t know I was wearing foundation!). Ok, so now that we know this thing is amazing and an absolute essential, why am I trying other sponges? Well, here’s the thing. The Beauty Blender is pricey! It retails for $28 CDN at Sephora. Oh, and you need to replace it every 3 months. It is no wonder I started looking at similar sponges to see if there were more affordable options.

I had heard a few Youtube beauty bloggers rave about the Real Techniques Sponge and how it was an affordable dupe for the Beauty Blender. The Real Techniques Sponge retails for $9.99 CDN at Not bad, right? It looks similar to the Beauty Blender, but has a flat edge that is supposed to work for contouring. Same process here, you wet the sponge, and then use it to blend your foundation, concealer etc.

Ok, so I have had this for a month now and given it a number of shots. I don’t love it. It doesn’t work as well as the Beauty Blender, it absorbs all my product, and doesn’t create the same finish. Nothing other than this sponge has changed in my foundation routine, so I know the sponge is the culprit.

So what’s my overall opinion of the Real Techniques sponge? Doesn’t compare to the Beauty Blender. Period.

Is this the best sunscreen for your face? Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Review

Sunscreen. We all know this is the most essential product to wear on your face to prevent aging, yet sometimes we forget. Or, we don’t like the extra step, or we just can’t seem to find that perfect sunscreen. You know something that doesn’t look like you have a white coating on your face, something that you can actually wear under your makeup without getting too oily. I think I found that sunscreen btw… Continue reading “Is this the best sunscreen for your face? Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 Review”

Birchbox Unboxing and Review

So I finally decided to cave and join the world of subscription boxes. This is my very first subscription box and of course, I decided on one focused on beauty. I read a gazillion reviews online, and if you are wondering about Canadian subscription boxes, Canadian Subscription Box Addict is a great website to learn all about these boxes full of goodies!

I subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy and guess what, on a horrible Monday, I come home from work to find these beautiful packages in my mailbox! Talk about brightening a crappy Monday! Continue reading “Birchbox Unboxing and Review”

Beauty Products I am Loving Right Now!


It is January and my skin is starting to feel the effects of indoor heating and cold, frigid days. My skin is mainly dry, but my nose can be oily. I have reviewed the Laneige line in an earlier post. I absolutely love that line, but if you don’t want to break the bank on a daily face cream,  this drugstore moisturizer is exactly what you are looking for: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream. 


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream

This is an oil-free cream for extra-dry skin (honestly, I think this would work for combination skin as well), and contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is able to retain moisture and you will see it in a lot of skincare products these days. It also contains olive extract which has moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. It is non comedogenic and fragrance free. The cream absorbs almost instantly onto the skin, almost like a matte texture, and therefore provides a great base for foundation.

I have had this on for about 8 hours now, been outdoors in the cold and my skin feels great – not dry and not too oily! I love the gel texture as well.

I bought it on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $19.99. I am pretty sure the bottle will last me for at least two months, if not more. Overall, pleased with this drugstore product!




Next on my list is a foundation I discovered last year. Ok, so I have an olive-y complexion and I find it very hard to find foundation that matches my skin colour. I have been using Mac Studio Tech  for pretty much all my life in NC30. It is thick, so good for dry skin and the compact makes it super easy and quick to use, but I felt that I wanted to move over to a lighter, light coverage liquid foundation. And I searched and tried on many different brands and shades. I wanted to move away from Mac.

After trying on foundation that looked good in store, only to come home a few hours later and see it oxidized on my face, and looking three shades darker than my skin, I thought I would go back to Mac and ask them to find me a match to NC30 in their other foundations. I told the girl at Mac that I was looking for light coverage, and something that wouldn’t oxidize on my face. She told me about their Face and Body foundation and OMG, I fell in love with it instantly!


Ok, so what’s the deal with this foundation? This is a lightweight foundation, it has a natural satin finish. It gives you that glow. It melted into my skin! I love, love this foundation! If you need a full coverage, you can build this up, but I don’t think it will be enough for a full coverage. This is a great everyday foundation. You can use it with a beauty blender or a foundation brush.





Next up, we have Revlon’s Matte Balm. Ok, so I discovered this at the drugstore, it is super cheap and when I have this lip colour on everyone keeps me asking me what I am wearing. The colour selection is limited, but … this lip is amazing! This is a super moisturizing lip colour that gives you a matte finish – yes, that actually exists. My lips NEVER dry out with this on, ever, and it actually lasts for a long time. I pair it with a liner sometimes and it looks fab! This retails for $8.96 CDN at Walmart. Go and buy it right now! I use the shade Sultry and it is this beautiful brownish pink shade. Great for everyday use!

The shade Sultry in Revlon’s Matte Balm












Review: Benefit – the Pore fessional Face Primer

Alright – so I have been eyeing Benefits Porefessional Face Primer for the last couple of years, I have heard great things about it, and known about its cult following. I never really had a problem with big pores, but now that I am in my early 30’s, the pores are starting to show. I bought the smaller size of this product from Sephora to give it a try. I have been using this product for about a month now and here are my thoughts about it.  Continue reading “Review: Benefit – the Pore fessional Face Primer”

Sale Alert: Vice 4 – Urban Decay Palette on Sale at Sephora!!!

News Flash! The Vice 4 – Urban Decay Palette is currently on sale at Sephora. It is discounted to $45.00 CDN and there is an additional 20% off sale items right now. I have been eyeing this palette for days now, but didn’t want to spend the $75.00 CDN. So when I saw the sale, I immediately added it to my shopping cart!

I cannot wait till it gets shipped!

Happy Shopping!